Mission, Vision, Values

The Modal Institute aims to carry out basic or applied scientific or technological research and the development of new products, services or processes focused primarily on information and transport.

The Modal Institute strives to recognize the importance of innovation and scientific and technological research and the development of the country’s national and regional production system.


To become synonymous with innovation for the science and technology sector in the field of transport and information within 10 years.

A inovação é entendida como a novidade útil, com sólida fundamentação científica, que traz melhorias contínuas para o setor, beneficiando negócios, gerando emprego e transformando o mercado e a sociedade.


  • Ethics and transparency. We follow all good information governance practices (this is one of our specialties, by the way).
  • Science with a focus on results. Science grounds (almost) everything in the world, but its application is what transforms it.
  • Continuous improvement. We like to learn – after all, we are a research institution!