About the Modal Instituto

The Modal Institute is a non-profit organization that emerged from the convergence between information and technology researchers and professionals with extensive market experience. This combination allowed the building of bridges between the academic world and the public and private sectors, enabling the application of scientific research to the needs of society, in order to improve the quality of life and the Brazilian economic and social development.

The Modal Institute's work focuses on the areas of Artificial Intelligence and the Information Lifecycle. To apply these two areas, market needs were observed and opportunities identified to contribute in the following sectors:

  • transport, especially in relation to road freight transport and public transport technologies;
  • sanitation, through the creation of solutions for areas that are difficult to apply existing technologies, such as the semi-arid and over-watered regions (Amazon, Pantanal and similar);
  • water purification due to the growing global water crisis; and
  • renewable energies, due to the need to find alternative models of energy exploitation and distribution, especially in the poorest regions.

These choices enabled the Modal Institute to bring concrete results to its clients. Among these results, the following stand out:

  • creation of technical design for the industrial manufacture of dry and wet toilets as a worthy alternative for areas with poor sanitation;
  • Accreditation as Designated Certifying Body (OCD) by the São Paulo State Transportation Agency (ARTESP) for approval of equipment and systems for the implementation of the semi-automatic toll system of São Paulo estate;
  • development of artificial intelligence solutions for industrial automation, reducing operating costs for factory setup;
  • public sector support for policy formulation and support for market development in the area of transport;
  • scientific and technological prospecting for clients, with the development of new markets and products, process optimization, cost reduction and improvement of operational results.

The Modal Institute's scientific base and market experience already make a difference to our customers and partners. Contact us and find out how we can make a difference for your business.