The research of the Modal Institute is located in the fields of Information Architecture and Transportation. The lines and research projects developed derive from the exploration or application of elements of this field in specific situations.

Currently, Modal Institute develops the following lines of research:

Architecture of Information

Topics of interest:

  • Nature of the Data, Information and Knowledge
  • Classical and Non-Classical Logic
  • Programming in Classical Logic and Non-Classical Logics
  • Application Models for Modal Logic
  • Architecture Method of Applied Information – MAIA
  • General Theory of Information Architecture
  • Normative Security Information Chain – CNSI
  • Theories and Methods of Organizational Strategic Planning
  • Applied Information Architecture

Projects in the line of research:

  • Information Architecture for Transportation (Lead researcher: Prof. Dr. Mamede Lima-Marques)
  • Problems and Solutions in Water Resources and Sanitation in Brazil (Lead researcher: Prof. Dr. Mamede Lima-Marques)

Laboratories in the line of research:

  • Laboratory of Logic and Critical Thinking (Lead researcher: Prof. Dr. Walter Carnielli)