Scholarship Program

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The Modal Institute offers the following types of Grants:

  • Technical Support to Research Grant, for specialized technical professionals of a higher level, to support research project activities.
  • Scholarship for students, regularly enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate courses approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Education;
  • Promotion of Training Scholarship, for students at Masters, Doctorate or Postdoctoral levels in courses offered by national or international institutions, for the payment of tuition, travel assistance, installation assistance, health insurance, teaching material aid and rates, according to the specificities of each modality. There are no benefits to dependents, except in the cases foreseen in specific announcements.
  • Research Scholarship, for bearers of Masters, Ph.D. or Postdoctoral degrees.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, read the Scholarship Regulation, check out the Lines of Research, prepare your Individual Research Plan and complete the Application Form.

You can also do your registration and keep your information on our base. When a project or research in your area opens, we'll get in touch!

Chamada Pública Simplificada nº 1/2019 – Seleção de Bolsistas para Projeto de Pesquisa

O Instituto Modal de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação (Instituto Modal) convida os interessados a se inscrevem para seleção de bolsistas (pessoa física) para participação no projeto de pesquisa Inteligência Artificial para Automação Industrial.


Simplified Public Call # 3/2018 - Selection of Candidates for Various Positions

Modal Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation Simplified Public Call No. 3/2018 Selection of Candidates for Various Positions The Modal Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (Modal Institute) invites interested parties to submit curricula in accordance with the terms set forth herein for selection of third party services ( individuals) for the development and support of scientific research, as detailed in […]


Este formulário deve ser utilizado para todos os interessados em solicitar a concessão de bolsas de pesquisas, de estudos ou de apoio técnico à pesquisa do Instituto Modal. O preenchimento do formulário não garante a concessão da bolsa, mas é parte indispensável do processo. A concessão de bolsas é regida pelo Regulation for the Granting of Scholarships of the Modal Institute e o preenchimento e envio deste formulário pressupõe a concordância com todos os termos do regulamento. Se você tiver dúvidas, envie um e-mail para and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Personal information
Seu endereço residencial completo, incluindo CEP
Line of Research
Para mais informações, consulte o Scholarship Regulation.
Você deve vincular seu cadastro a um projeto ou linha de pesquisa específico.
Explique porque você acha que deve ser selecionado. Fale sobre sua experiencia, o que pretende fazer, suas motivações etc.
This form should be used by all researchers and students linked to the Modal Institute engaged in projects carried out by the Institute. For research reports, the Modal Institute offers a LaTeX model (of obligatory use) available in the
Author of the report. If there is more than one author, indicate the principal.
Your email
If the work is of multiple authorship, indicate the co-authors (one per line)
Select the search line, program, and / or project to which the report is linked.
Name of your research project
Period in which the research was performed
A brief summary about your research.
Select the types of scientific results already obtained by your research. In the following fields, attach the corresponding files.
Include any comments you deem necessary to better understand your report.
Attach the PDF (s) with your scientific output (reports, articles, banner, etc.). To include more than one file, hold down the CTRL key at the same time that you click each file to select.
reCAPTCHA is required.