Scholarship Program

The Modal Institute offers the following types of Grants:

  • Technical Support to Research Grant, for specialized technical professionals of a higher level, to support research project activities.
  • Scholarship for students, regularly enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate courses approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Education;
  • Promotion of Training Scholarship, for students at Masters, Doctorate or Postdoctoral levels in courses offered by national or international institutions, for the payment of tuition, travel assistance, installation assistance, health insurance, teaching material aid and rates, according to the specificities of each modality. There are no benefits to dependents, except in the cases foreseen in specific announcements.
  • Research Scholarship, for bearers of Masters, Ph.D. or Postdoctoral degrees.

If you want to apply for a grant or a scholarship, read the Grants and Scholarships Regulation, check out the Lines of Research, prepare your Individual Research Plan and complete the Application Form.