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About the Modal Institute

The Modal Institute is a private and non-profit Science and Technology Institution (ICT), which arose from the convergence between information and technology researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive experience in the private sector.



We have a strong presence in RD&I in several sectors. These are studies, analyzes, projects for implementing solutions and other actions that bring great impact to people and the market.


Transport operations are mainly focused on solutions for road freight transport and urban mobility.


The search for the development of clean and renewable energy solutions guides this line of action, with a focus on developing models for new businesses and sustainable use of energy.


Some regions of Brazil still have extremely poor conditions in water and sanitation. The solutions developed in this area seek to find new models, services and products that contribute to improving people's lives and regional development.


Industrial activity is one of the main focuses of Modal. Projects such as industrial automation, improvement of energy efficiency and predictive analysis are among the researches developed to serve national and international industries.


Distance learning and educational technologies are tools for professional training and personal development. Our projects focus on adopting distance education solutions, preparing and creating content and distance learning projects.

What do we do?

Our main focus is the research and proposition of solutions based on techniques and tools of Artificial Intelligence oriented towards promoting new business, opportunities and social equity in private and public sectors, and to the general population.



CPAI Foundation

Prof. Mamede founds the Centre for Research on Architecture of Information (CPAI), at the University of Brasília (UnB)

2009 - 2017
2009 - 2017

Project Execution at CPAI

CPAI executes numerous projects for the public sector (TSE, MMA, AEB, Caixa Econômica, GDF and others)


Foundation of the Modal Institute

Prof. Mamede retires and, together with Prof. Bruno Souza and professionals Welington Evangelista and José Manuel Pombo, founds the Modal Institute


First Projects and Partnerships

  • Strategic planning

  • First Technical Cooperation Agreements signed (Tecnipar Ambiental, Quanta-IT, DTCOM, Critical Security, CPCD, Instituto CO2 Zero)

  • Accreditation with UniRIO for development of extension projects

  • Accreditation with ARTESP as Designated Certification Body for the semi-automatic toll system in the state of São Paulo

  • Affiliation of the Modal Institute to the Open Alliance for Public Transportation (OSPT)

  • Participation in EPL's Working Group for modeling studies of vehicle technical inspection program for road cargo transportation

  • Creation of the Logic and Critical Reasoning Laboratory (LLRC), under the coordination of Prof. Walter Carnielli

  • Creation of the Ribeira Brava Innovation Laboratory, in partnership with Tecnipar Ambiental


Operation Consolidation

  • Collaboration with ARTESP for the development of the semiautomatic toll system model in the state of São Paulo

  • Equipment certification for SSA/SP

  • Strategic option: focus on Artificial Intelligence

  • Contract with X-SENSORS to execute the project Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Automation (Germany)

  • Technical Cooperation Agreement with Brasal Soft Drinks for collaboration in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions

  • Technical Cooperation Agreement with the International Center for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) and development of an artificial intelligence project to prevent child sexual abuse on the internet

  • Creation of an artificial intelligence working group focused on deep learning / machine learning


Consolidation in Artificial Intelligence

  • Elaboration of Artificial Intelligence projects for:

    • Improving energy efficiency in industry

    • Concrete Pathology

    • Similarity between Normative Acts

    • Analysis of Parliamentary Speeches

    • Analysis of the Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Social Security

    • Mapping of Municipal Collaboration Potential for Regional Development

    • Chain of Deletions in the "Car Wash" operation

    • Textual Analysis for Personality Profile

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