Godel and the existence of God

Em artigo publicado na Folha de São Paulo em 13/ago/2019, o Prof. Walter Carnielli discute o “Teorema de Deus”, formulado por Gödel. Confira o artigo na íntegra no arquivo a seguir. Walter Carnielli é presidente do Comitê Científico do Instituto Modal e Professor da Unicamp.

New edition of the book "Critical Thinking: The Power of Logic and Argumentation"

Professors Walter Carnielli (chair of the Modal Institute's Scientific Committee) and Richard Epstein released the 4th edition of the book Critical Thinking: The Power of Logic and Argumentation. From the cover: “In this work the authors study and present in a didactic way for the reader the techniques of how to build a good argument, analyze the discussions about […]

How Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence Influence Each Other

On August 15 and 16, the researcher Walter Carnielli participates in the workshop The Scientist of the 21st Century, promoted by the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing of Unicamp. At the event, Carnielli presents the theme How Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence influence each other, representing the Modal Institute, the Logic Center of […]

The Modal Institute partners with ONLYOFFICE

Modal Institute is adopting the ONLYOFFICE suite of tools for collaborative document editing, CRM, project management and other features. In addition to the ability to collaboratively edit online documents, Modal Institute employees can also install the desktop version of the solution for offline use for free. The solution is 100% compatible with […]

Artificial Intelligence is the focus of the new Modal Institute project in Germany

The Modal Institute was hired by X-SENSORS GmbH, a German company that provides digital transformation solutions for various industries worldwide. The project provides for the use of artificial intelligence techniques to provide optimization of industrial automation solutions. To do this, it will make use of the Ontoprolog® tool, an unprecedented approach developed by the researcher Lauro César [...]

Partnership made possible by Modal Institute brings quality of life to semi-arid inhabitants

The Modal Institute, fulfilling its role of bringing technological innovation to those in need, brokered two partner institutions to enable access to dignity for the semi-arid region. Through the Modal Institute, Tecnipar Ambiental made donations to the Popular Center for Culture and Development (CPCD) of dry toilets, biodigesters and water purifiers [...]

The Modal Institute becomes a member of AI2

The teachers, Mamede Lima-Marques, Walter Carnielli and the Modal Institute itself, became members of the Advanced Institute of Artificial Intelligence (AI2). AI2 is an open, inclusive, non-profit and cross-cutting initiative formed by a consortium of AI experts from universities and research institutes. It brings together a network of peers to act […]

ARTESP accredits Modal Institute as OCD

The São Paulo State Transportation Agency (ARTESP) has accredited the Modal Institute as the first Designated Certifying Body (OCD) for the statewide semi-automatic toll system. The OCD is the entity responsible for the approval of semiautomatic toll collection equipment. This accreditation attests to the powers of the Institute […]

The Modal Institute explores Information Architecture and Internet of Things in an article published in Springer

Professor Mamede Lima-Marques, director-president of the Modal Institute, together with his PhD student, Flávia Lacerda, the Serzedello Correa Institute, the Union Court of Accounts and Professor Andrea Resmini of Jönköping University, Jönköping, Sweden, published an article entitled An Information Architecture Framework for the Internet of Things in the important journal Philosophy & Technology. [...]

The Modal Institute participates in IJCAI-19

Professor Walter Carnielli, chair of the Scientific Committee and coordinator of the Modal Institute's Laboratory of Logic and Critical Thinking, became a member of the Program Committee for the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-2019), which will be held between the 10 and 16 August 2019, in Macao, China. The IJCAI was [...]