New edition of the book "Critical Thinking: The Power of Logic and Argumentation"

Professors Walter Carnielli (Chairman of the Modal Institute Scientific Committee) and Richard Epstein released the 4th edition of the book Critical Thinking: The Power of Logic and Argumentation.

From the cover:

“In this work, the authors study and present in a didactic manner to the reader the techniques of how to build a good argument, analyze the discussions about critical thinking, vague sentences, moral statements, bad arguments, ambiguous sentences, among others. The work was built using examples of the Brazilian public scene such as politics, television, journalism, culture, as well as graphics, cartoons, images and tables, accurately illustrate the content, facilitating and optimizing the understanding of the topics addressed. The authors say that “The book is aimed at students of all categories, including high school and college entrance exams, professionals from all specialties who need to analyze, expose and critique arguments, and anyone interested in the art of arguing. The texts are based on colloquial language, presenting in a simple but rigorous way the fundamentals of critical thinking ”.

This 4th edition features an unpublished chapter on fake news, analyzing in detail what they are, how they are made, how to protect yourself, and so on.

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