How Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence Influence Each Other

On August 15 and 16, researcher Walter Carnielli participates in the workshop The 21st Century Scientist, promoted by the Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Scientific Computing of Unicamp. At the event, Carnielli presents the theme How Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence Influence Each Other, representing the Modal Institute, the Unicamp Center for Logic and the Advanced Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2).

The theme of the lecture is very relevant, because if mathematics suffers the effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the other sciences suffer much more directly. On the one hand, new mathematical concepts such as Bayesian networks enter the foundations of AI in a radical way, making it possible to formalize the notion of explanation through machines. On the other hand, computing and AI increasingly influence mathematics, discovering (or inventing) concepts and playing an essential role in demonstrating theorems that are beyond human capability. Finally, the "good" and "bad" uses for computers in mathematical activity are discussed.

Walter Carnielli is chairman of the Modal Institute's Scientific Committee and Professor at Unicamp.
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