The Modal Institute and the Popular Center for Culture and Development sign cooperation agreement

The Modal Institute, represented by its CEO, Prof. Mamede Lima-Marques, and its Administrative and Financial Director, Wellington Evangelista, visited, from August 28 to 30, 2018, the projects of the non-governmental organization Centro Cultural de Desenvolvimento e Desenvolvimento (CPCD) in Araçuaí, Vale do Jequitinhonha, in Minas Gerais.

The purpose of the visit was to know the different local needs related to water and basic sanitation and to establish a partnership for the development and implementation of specific technologies for each culture, aimed at solving problems together with community participation.

Both institutions, concerned with the current and new generations, with the preservation of cultures, the environment and sustainability, work systematically with technologies that can improve the quality of life of society.

Founded by the educator Tião Rocha, the CPCD operates in Araçuaí, Belo Horizonte, Curvelo, in Minas Gerais, and São Luís, in Maranhão. Among the projects underway in the municipality, we highlight the "Healthy House", which includes cisterns, dry compostable toilets, vegetable gardens, mandalas, herbal spirals, trash holes, backyard cleaning and water care; the "Be a Child" project, which has space inside the largest private school in Araçuaí and teaches various activities for children, such as seed ball for devastated air reformer, jokes and typical local songs; the "Sementinha" project that works on the "story counting" of children aged 4 to 6; the project "Long Bar: with Literary Window and Present of the Future, Healthy", providing books for reading and minimizing damages caused by the rupture of the dam to society with actions aimed at preserving the environment, food crops, among others ; the "Cinema" project, which serves adolescents and young adults who produce audiovisual material for the NGO itself and the market; the "Fabriquetas" project, which professionally develops young people in the making of handicrafts, carpentry, software, paints with earthen paint, recycling; the "Dedo de Gente" project, which includes young people in the making of handicrafts, jams and jellies for the sale of these items in stores and in their own stores.

At the conclusion of the cooperation agreement, on September 4, there was a meeting at the headquarters of the CPCD, in Belo Horizonte, between Prof. Mamede and Tião Rocha who sealed the partnership. "Acting on behalf of these communities with technologies that can help in the quality of life of the current and future generation is simply incredible. That's what I've done throughout my life, "said Prof. Mamede. He also added the importance of the partnership between the Modal Institute, the CPCD and the communities as a viable alternative to join efforts to contribute to local development. Tião Rocha believes that unity and education can transform people and places. During the meeting he spoke about the importance of partnership and left the doors open to search for ways that could converge for the common good.

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